Life brings us challenges in many different ways and there are times when we are overwhelmed by how to move forward. Our relationships often suffer the most by the stress in our lives and yet they can be the source of our deepest joy. In our moments of feeling stuck, we may need help to find our direction, reconnect, and rebuild.

About Carlene


Carlene is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who will come alongside you to help clarify where you are struggling and work together with you to develop solutions to the challenges you are facing. Carlene has a genuine passion for helping individuals, couples, and families reach their potential and experience meaningful relationships.

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Are you struggling to understand each other in your relationship?

Are you feeling alone in your marriage?

Are you experiencing challenges in your relationship in the transition to parenthood?

I look forward to helping you with your relationship concerns.

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Are you experiencing stress or worry throughout your day?

Are your thoughts often in turmoil?

Do you lay awake at night with thoughts that you can’t resolve?

We will work towards understanding the core issues that create anxiety for you and develop ways to cope more effectively in your life.

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Are you struggling with your body image?

Do you find yourself turning to food in the face of stress or loneliness?

Does your fear of gaining weight occupy your thoughts and decisions?

We will work towards creating a healthier relationship with yourself and your body.

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Ocean Imagery

I practice counselling on the Westcoast of Vancouver Island and the ocean offers such a beautiful image of our journey through life. The landscape is ever changing and yet there is a rhythm one can count on in the ebb and flow of the tide. Some seasons of life can be like the powerful storms of the sea, in which we are unable to get past that first set of waves and find ourselves discouraged and tired…washed up on the beach. Other times, the ocean can be the most life-giving scene of dreams ahead, adventures to come, and unlimited depths to explore. Wherever you may find yourselves in this time, the counselling process can help you navigate your way through challenging waters.

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